Wines of Garnacha: Sept. 16th

Holding true to my tagline, please feel free to follow along with the fun on Sept. 16th via social media as I taste the Wines of Garnacha!

Where or what is Garnacha, you ask? There are two answers. First, Garnacha is a region in eastern Spain. The climate of Garnacha is Mediterranean, in which the weather is hot and dry. Secondly, Garnacha is also a varietal. Known as Grenache in France, Garnacha is a medium bodied wine in which there are flavors of raspberry, black cherry, strawberry, warm baking spices such as cinnamon & clove, anise, and tobacco.

Grenache/Garnacha is grown all over the world. You can also find it called “Canonau” in Italy (see this post for my experience with Canonau earlier this spring). There are way too many excellent examples to list, however, you can get an idea of what the wines from the Garnacha region are like if you just follow me on social media!


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