Walla Walla – The place so nice, they named it twice

35 years ago, if you had said you were going to Walla Walla, an eyebrow would’ve been raised and a judgmental glance shot in your direction. Why? Because at that point, Walla Walla was known as the destination for criminals who were to be housed at the Washington State Penitentiary. It was not known as a destination for wine. Luckily, that has changed. Walla Walla is now one of the premier destinations for Washington Wines for good reason. The quality of the wines coming out of Walla Walla is hard to beat.

Walla Walla is a quaint town located in the Southeast corner of Washington. Receiving less than 20″ of rain on average (according to Wasington State University, there was 10.3″ of rain in 2014as of 11/1/14), Walla Walla has a semi-arid climate. While most people think that Washington as a whole is a rainy state, Walla Walla takes that stereotype and turns it on it’s head. In an average year, Walla Walla gets 188 days of sunshine per year versus Seattle’s 58 days. A pesky little mountain range known as the Cascades is easily forgotten when people think of Washington’s climate.

Walla Walla’s 188 days of sunshine allow for an experience that is completely different than anything you’ll experience in Western Washington. Those of us on the “wet side” cherish those rare sunny days. East siders, y’all are LUCKY! Oh wait…you get bitterly cold in the winter, so it’s not necessarily a good thing! 😉

Beyond the weather differences, though…Walla Walla’s wines are phenomenal. From delicate whites to bold, in-your-face reds, Walla Walla (or W2 as it’s sometimes known as) has something for everyone. For me, I have two must visits when I go to Walla Walla.

Basel Cellars: This stunning property oozes grace, elegance and small town charm. This former private residence is built on a hill and was named “Double River Ranch”. A manmade, subterranean cave initially housed the original owners classic car collection now houses the wine making operations. The property also houses a 13,000+ sq. ft. guest house, a pool house (which can be rented for events or overnight stays, visit their website for more information) and a roomy tasting room.

Pool House at Basel Cellars

Main Guest House at Basel Cellars

Tasting Room at Basel Cellars

Sleight of Hand Cellars is another one of my favorites. Sleight of Hand is definitely the most rocking tasting room in Walla Walla. Literally. One wall is full of vinyl records and a common hashtag on their Instagram is #sleeveface, where you take the sleeve from one of the records in the tasting room and hold it over your own face. Oh, and did I also mention that the vinyl is there for more than decoration??? Yes, you can listen to those great records on the record player they have in the tasting room! When I was there, it was Pearl Jam being played.

The record player at Sleight of Hand Cellars

The view from the parking lot

Where are your favorite spots in Walla Walla?

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  1. […] I found where they were in the room, I made a beeline for them. I’ve mentioned them before here and here. I will sing their praises whenever I can, because I love their […]

  2. I’ve only been to a few places in Walla Walla, but my favorite places have been Northstar, Va Piano, and L’Ecole. They all have such fabulous wines – each place very different. Cheers! Camille

    1. Alina says: Reply

      I love love love L’Ecole, i just didnt have time to visit them on this trip. They are a go-to wine for me. Trey from Sleight of Hand recommended Va Piano, but time constraints suck!!!!! I honestly need to spend a solid weekend or two in Walla Walla. 😀

      1. I need to spend more time there too! Va Piano was a gem because I hadn’t even heard of it before. I’ll have to check out Sleight of Hand – my husband Jon would love the record player.

        1. Alina says: Reply

          Sleight of Hand is awesome!!!! It’s such a cool, funky vibe. And Trey is just an all-around awesome dude.

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