#TravelTuesday: Travel Advice

Through my years of traveling, I’ve learned a few things. Some, I’ve learned through a great website called FlyerTalk, others have been through my own trials and tribulations.

Tip #1: Packing

We all know that packing is…well…a nightmare at times. I’m notorious for overpacking. One way I avoid overpacking is by taking the advice of flight attendants, such as Heather Poole. In this NY Times slideshow, Ms. Poole demonstrates how to pack for ten days using only a carry-on. I’ve yet to try this feat, but it is something worth trying. I am making this resolution: I *WILL* try this method one day!

Tip #2: Food/Snacks

If you’ve been in an airport or flown recently, you know that prices for snacks are outrageous! One thing I love is Graze: Snacks By Mail. I stumbled upon Graze one night on Facebook and wow! You can customize your snack boxes and be adventuresome in your snacking. I love these because they are individually packaged, so you can easily tuck them into your carry on.  I am personally bringing a few of these little snack packs on my way to WBC15 in order to keep from eating unhealthy options while on my layovers.

Note: if you click this link, you can try your first Graze box for FREE!

Top layer of an 8 item Graze box
Top layer of an 8 item Graze box
Bottom layer of an 8 item Graze Box
Bottom layer of an 8 item Graze Box

Disclaimer: I was not requested to endorse Graze for this post. I am sharing the link I was provided with when I signed up for the service, which I pay for.

Tip #3: An Oasis in the Airport

If you are so inclined, most airlines have their own lounges. These lounges provide an oasis for travelers. Personally, I have utilized them to break up the monotony of a longer-than-expected layover, catch up with friends, get work done and just relax before taking off. To find out details on the airline lounges, check your preferred airlines’ website. Please note that not all airlines have these lovely respites from the gate area.

Tip #4: Blogs

If you’re here, you read blogs. There are some great travel blogs out there. I’ve provided links to some of my favorite blogs on my “Who I Read” tab. My tastes may not be the same as yours, but these recommendations are a starting point.

Tip #5: Dealing with the TSA

Ah. The Transportation Security Administration. The bane of our existence in this post-9/11 world. Here are some tips for making your experience a breeze!

  1. Don’t be an asshole.  Seriously.  There is a time and place for everything, but the security line is not that time.
  2. Refresh yourself on what is needed to get through security effortlessly.  The TSA has a whole section of Traveler Information on their website.
  3. If you’re not familiar with the site FlyerTalk, then I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.  You can learn a lot from these folks.  These are the real life Ryan Bingham’s from the movie “Up In the Air“. If you haven’t watched this movie, I highly recommend it!
  4. If you travel frequently, I would recommend looking into one of two programs that reduce your time spent in the security line. 
    1. TSA Pre Check  is expedited screening for those who travel domestically.  With Pre Check, you do not have to remove your shoes, belt, laptop or “approved liquids” baggie.
    2. US Customs & Border Patrol Trusted Traveler Programs are designed for international travelers, the Trusted Traveler Programs, such as Global Entry and NEXUS, allow for expedited border crossing *AND* provide you with TSA PreCheck.

All in all, make your travel experiences worth your while and don’t stress! 

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