Travel Tuesday: Argyle Winery

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When one thinks Oregon, they immediately think Pinot Noir, and only Pinot Noir. Speaking as a quasi-Oregonian (as the crow flies, I live 5 miles from Oregon, but to drive to Oregon, it’s 22 miles…yep, I live on that curve of Oregon and Washington where it’s frustrating to see the mileage distance on a GPS-based site) since we produce a world-class Pinot, shouldn’t we be able to produce world-class wines that use Pinot Noir, such as sparkling wine? WE DO!

Behind the tasting bar at Argyle Wine.
Behind the tasting bar at Argyle Wine.

Without a doubt, Oregon’s premier sparkling wine producer is Argyle Winery. The mid-80’s, Brian Croser and Rollin Soles set out to find a place that was ideal for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The facility they found was the site of an old hazelnut processing plant. Since 1987, Argyle has been producing world-class sparkling wine. They also have a lineup of still wines.

Argyle opened a brand new tasting room facility this past fall. The new tasting room at Argyle is a stunning homage to their past, and a welcome invitation to the future. The sparkling wines they produce continue to evolve and show that Oregon is a world-class producer of wines, both sparkling and still.

On the day that I visited, there were three lovely wines available on my personal favorite flight, called “The Pop Flight”. These wines were the 2011 Conducere, the 2011 Knudsen Vineyards Brut and the 2011 Rosé. All of these wines are stunning examples of the quality of Oregon wines.

The Pop Flight Menu
The Pop Flight Menu

I highly recommend visiting Argyle Winery and their new tasting room on your next trip to Oregon Wine Country!

The open air portion of the Argyle Tasting Room.  The original tasting room is the house in the background.
The open air portion of the Argyle Tasting Room. The original tasting room is the house in the background.

Disclaimer: As a member of the media, my tasting fees were waived.

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  1. sayhellonature says: Reply

    This place sounds fantastic 🙂 Love the idea of the open air tasting room, too. Thanks for sharing in the #BestoftheBlogosphere Link-Up!

  2. Ali says: Reply

    This looks lovely! I love the open air tasting room!

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