Tipsy Tuesday: How to get your wine glasses sparkling

What is this? Tipsy Tuesday is all about sharing tips and tricks for things like sparkling glassware, tasting tips, etc.

Water spots. We’ve all seen them on glassware. We scrub and scrub and scrub to get them off, but the glasses never seem to sparkle like they did when we first got them. I’ve found an easy way to get those pesky spots off of my glassware and I wanted to share.

It’s as simple as equal parts vinegar and distilled or purified water. I use bottled drinking water.

All you need to make your glasses sparkle!
All you need to make your glasses sparkle!

I don’t wash the bowls of my wine glasses with soap. Why? Two words: soap scum. I’m not a fan of it. That’s why I only rinse my glasses, even my cheap ones, with this mixture and hot water.

Yuck!  Hard water stains on a flute.
Yuck! Hard water stains on a flute.

Here’s how I clean my glasses:

Step 1: Spray the vinegar/water mixture into and on the glass. This breaks up any stains or spots that may be on the glass.

Glass sprayed with vinegar/water mixture.
Glass sprayed with vinegar/water mixture.

Step 2: Rinse glass with hot water. I know, it seems counterproductive, but the vinegar helps in this process too.

Step 3: Let the glasses air dry, or use a soft, lint-free towel to dry.

Step 4: Revel in the clarity of your glassware!

Clear as a bell!
Clear as a bell!

This method works on more than just your wine glasses. Any glassware with hard water stains would benefit from a quick hit of the mixture and hot water rinse. Also, if you place the mixture in a large enough bottle, you’ll have a great, affordable glass cleaner, too!

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  1. This is so useful! My family likes to sip a little every now and again but our wine glasses look just like that before picture haha! I’ll be working on this tonight!

    Jasmine 🙂

  2. Great tip! Never tried this!

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