Tipsy Tuesday: Getting the most bang for your buck

How many of us have gone to the local dollar store for things like party supplies, craft supplies, etc.? I know I have. In fact, the dollar store is my favorite place to get containers for potlucks (hmm…5 aluminum pans for $5 or 3 for $5 at another store…yep, I’m picking the dollar store).

Another thing I love to get at the dollar store is glassware. Yes, you read that right. Glassware. Especially if it’s for a party and you don’t want to bring our your nice stemware, or you don’t trust yourself with the nice glassware (because…well…let’s admit it, Riedel’s, while beautiful, are spendy). The glasses that are available at your local dollar store are sturdy, and work for a variety of uses. Having a beer tasting night? You can find some awesome beer glasses there. Just want something to class up your morning juice or coffee? You’ll find something for that too. Looking for “everyday” wine glasses? You got it.

The stemware selection at my local dollar store
The stemware selection at my local dollar store

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