Thoughtful Thursday: A Reflection

On Monday, I shared this post about walking away from the fires and the storms that life brings us. The irony is that there’s something deeper that spurred that post.

My life has been…well, for lack of a better term, the proverbial fan has had fecal matter hit it and it’s continually spewing things. While being a rock for others, I’ve forgotten to take time to myself. I’ve forgotten to go out and find myself…remind myself that my life is worth every trial and tribulation I’ve gone through.

A few days ago, I shared the quote in the graphic at the top of this post with a friend. In that message, I told this friend, “Here’s a quote for you to share with (name redacted) to remind (them) about the power of choice. It’s one of my favorites.”

It’s true. This quote, from a NASCAR driver, is one of my favorites. But I’m not heeding the advice given in that quote. I’m not going out and figuring out how to make it work. It’s almost as though I’ve given up. Why?

Stress. Stress of trying to get this back up and running. Stress of finding stability in my life. Stress of everything.

What am I going to do about it?

Well, first, there will be some changes here on the blog. Don’t worry, nothing will be drastic. These changes will simply be transitioning this to a multi-purpose blog. Entertaining advice with regards to food and wine, and travel will still be a major part, but expect some other posts as well. Some sharing of personal stories. Some new lifestyle-oriented content.

Second…well, that’s personal. I’m not going to share it here.

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