Thirsty Thursday:  Not Your Father’s Root Beer


I know, I know, I’m late. And I’m a slacker. And for that, I apologize.

For this Thirsty Thursday, I’m taking a bit of a turn. I’ve recently seen an influx of what I can best describe as “Adult Root Beer” in my local stores. For this Thirsty Thursday, I caved and fell victim to the allure of this delicious beverage.

I love root beer. When I want soda, but don’t want something caffeinated (shocker, especially if you know me), I’m usually reaching for a root beer. If I can’t have a soda, then I’m seeking out the root beer barrel candies. Needless to say, I’ve been curious about this current trend.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is an interesting combination. At first, it smelled like your regular root beer. Upon the first sip, though, I knew this wasn’t your regular root beer. It had an interesting combination of a lager, but amped up with the traditional root beer flavors like sarsaparilla, vanilla, and anise.

I wouldn’t necessarily make this my go-to, but if I was given the choice between this and a mass-produced beer, I would aim for the Not Your Father’s Root Beer.

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  1. okiewinegirl2015 says: Reply

    Hey, thanks for being the guinea pig on this one! Our local shop had these at the counter last weekend when I went to pick up a bottle of Pinot and I wondered . . .

    1. Alina says: Reply

      It wasn’t too bad once I got past the initial sip. First sip from a can tastes like cold Budweiser (which I don’t mind). I’m now curious as to what it tastes like from the bottle, though!

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