Thirsty Thursday: Cocktail Hour

Cocktails. The one thing that can elevate a bar or party from “meh” to great.

The current craft distillation boom has led to a renaissance for the cocktail. A recent article in the Huffington Post has also championed for the return of in-home cocktail parties. This renaissance also means that there are some great options on the market for the home bartender. One of my favorite spirits is white whiskey. What is white whiskey you ask? It is merely an unaged whiskey, better known as moonshine, white dog, white lightning, or hooch. Yes, the stuff that built the sport currently known as NASCAR is a variation of the whiskey we all know and love.

A classic Washington Apple, like this, has a whiskey base. I love them. I really do. The tart-sweet combination makes it a go-to if I don’t find an original cocktail on the menu of the restaurant or bar that I’m at. One night, I was thinking, “How can I change this up?” I immediately thought, “Add moonshine instead,” but I knew I needed something else. Thus the introduction of Apple-Cranberry Juice to the cocktail as well. The rest is history, as the “No Bark, All Bite” was born.

No Bark, All Bite…your new favorite cocktail.

Making a great cocktail starts with great alcohol. Spending the extra money on higher-end liquor will result in memorable experience for you and your guests (if you’re hosting a party). The more local you can get, the better. Craft distilleries are popping up all over, so do your research before going to the liquor store and getting something that’s mass produced! I prefer the Colonel Cobb Moonshine from Double V Distillery in Battle Ground, WA.

This is all you need to make the No Bark, All Bite.



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