The Redneck’s Approach to Broken Corks

Yeah, I admitted it.

I’m a redneck. But a classy one. I mean, I make DAMN sure that the person I date isn’t related to me (I have enough of that freaky-deaky stuff in my lineage…I don’t need to contribute to it!). I make sure I sound educated. Don’t ask me the square root of anything, though. That will result in me giving you a blank stare. Ask me about Asch’s Study of Conformity, The Stanford Prison Experiment, or insert-famous-psychological-study-here though, I can most likely give you the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version.

But when it comes to doing classy things like decanting wine or taking a fancy-schmancy approach to getting a cork out? Umm…well, let’s just say that I don’t take your normal approach to doing that.

Ladies & gentlemen, I present you with The Redneck Decanter and Broken Wine Cork Filtration Device.

Yes, that’s a strainer and plastic pitcher. Don’t judge.

Yes, it’s a fine mesh strainer and a pitcher.

If you want to make it classy, I recommend a glass pitcher, but I couldn’t find mine, so I went with what was readily available.

Admit it, we’ve all MacGyver’d* SOMETHING in our day. Whether it be filtering out broken pieces of cork, keeping our car together until a viable fix could be found or jump-starting our lawn mower with a car battery until we could get a new lawn mower battery, we’ve *all* MacGyver’d something!

*If you’re not familiar with MacGyver, then you better get to Netflix, Hulu or YouTube  TOUT SUITE (aka pretty damn quick) to check out the 80’s awesomeness of Richard Dean Anderson diffusing a bomb with a paper clip and other creative uses of normal, every day items!!

So what wine did stupid me have to break out the Redneck Filtration and Decanting Method (patent pending :p) on? A 2011 Gilbert Cellars Rosé of Mourvedre.

Gilbert Cellars Rosé of Mourvedre

The wine pours a peachy pink in the glass, and gives off aromas of citrus & stone fruit on the nose. On the palate, you still get that citrus note, but also a sour strawberry leading into sweet melon flavor that made my palate dance. There’s something about tart strawberries and sweet melons that makes do a little happy dance, though. The finish lingers with a hint of baking spice and nice, solid acidity (think those tart strawberries again) that makes it worth drinking.

Food wise? Aim for something with a balance of sweet & tangy, like this Mustard Roasted Salmon. The acidity nicely complements the sweetness of the mustard/maple syrup glaze. Another good pairing? Any type of barbecued food, especially if your sauce of choice (whether it be homemade or store-bought), runs on the sweet side.

On Gilbert Cellars’ website, this wine will take $15 out of your wallet. I picked this up at a local grocery store for about $12. Definitely worth the price!

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  1. LOVE this post! So funny! I’ve definitely “MacGyver’d” things before ~ It’s funny how determined we get about our wine! See ya at WBC12!!

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