Takeaways from the Wine Media Conference

So I’ve had some time to fully digest what was presented at the Virtual Wine Media Conference.  I had a few key takeaways that I’m going to summarize here.

  1.  I need to up my photo game.  From lighting to composition, I need to up my game.  Period.  I spent a fair amount of money on replacing my camera, I need to make good use of it.
  2. I need to break out of my comfort zone and do some video content.  I’ve been having fun with TikTok (no, I’m not dancing…I’m just sharing random stuff…no rhyme or reason to the content…just whatever hits me at the moment), but I also want to expand into utilizing YouTube. 
  3. I miss the camaraderie that comes with Wine Media Camp.  While it was nice to spend the conference in my comfy office chair (which was a gift from a dear friend), I missed hanging out with people in the hotel lobby, drinking wine, seeking out the afterparties, and just the general cacophony that comes with the conference.
  4. The networking that came from a virtual conference was quite amazing!  I have lists upon lists of Instagram handles that I need to confirm I’m following. 
  5. Troon Vineyards and Winderlea are doing some amazing things.  If you can, I highly recommend you get some of their stuff!

Needless to say, it was nice to have such a simple vacation from work.  I spent time at home, I got to have fun, and I got to reconnect with people.  I can’t wait to be in Eugene in 2021 (as long as this d**n pandemic is behind us!!!).

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