• Eastern Washington
  • Fun in the Sun – A Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail Adventure

    So the week after Easter wasn’t exactly the best week. A dear friend of mine lost her valiantly fought battle with cancer. A friend got reported to Facebook for the most bs reason…posting pictures of her kids. The stress that realizing “I have a paper due in 18 hours” and stressing out over it until […]

  • Penticton
  • Penticton…A Place to Stay Forever (YES PLEASE!)

    So after taking two days to drive up to Penticton, we arrived. It was a lovely adventure and I still had more to come with the conference!! The conference was in and of itself was fantastic. James Conaway’s keynote speech was brilliant, poignant and funny. The wines were spectacular. The food was magnificent (save for […]

  • Oregon
  • Treated like Kings…err…well, actually Queens… – A Visit to King Estate Winery

    So after indulging us at the Wine Bloggers Conference with a delicious meal, King Estate provided us with the opportunity to come visit. I took them up on their offer and convinced my Mom, my good friend Sharon and my grandmother to come along on the 2.5 hour drive to Eugene to visit the beautiful […]