• Eastern Washington
  • Fun in the Sun – A Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail Adventure

    So the week after Easter wasn’t exactly the best week. A dear friend of mine lost her valiantly fought battle with cancer. A friend got reported to Facebook for the most bs reason…posting pictures of her kids. The stress that realizing “I have a paper due in 18 hours” and stressing out over it until […]

  • Value
  • Defining Value…

    Recently, in my real life job, this question was posed… “What do you spend way too much money on?” Without skipping a single beat, I answered, “Wine.” That garnered a funny look for a split second from the trainer who posed that question, but he rolled with it.  “Okay.  I can see it.  You appreciate […]

  • Napa Trip
  • Napa Trip – Day Four – Letting My Inner 6 Year Old Out, Free Beer & Trash Talkin’

    Yes. 6 year old. Why????? Because we went to the Jelly Belly factory!!!!! The Jelly Belly factory, about 20 minutes south of Napa in Fairfield, is free. And it’s a lot of fun. The day we were there, they were making something orange-y, because the smell of orange permeated the tour. Which was fine by […]

  • Napa Trip
  • Napa Trip – Day Three – Supporting a good cause and “I paid HOW much?”

    Day three. Ugh. Is it really the “halfway point” of my vacation already? For months, I had been hearing rave reviews on Twitter about Cleavage Creek. And for good reason. Random poll, but related to this post…how many of you who are reading this have somehow been affected by cancer? It doesn’t matter if it’s […]