Summer of Rosé: 2014 Anew Rosé

“Summer of what?” You ask. Rosé. Duh. My goal is to provide you, my dear readers, with a new rosé to seek out and try. Hence, the title…Summer of Rosé.

I will forewarn you, some of the wines are only available through the tasting rooms. I will do my best to provide you with the information necessary to order these wines.

2014 Anew Rosé
2014 Anew Rosé

Anew Wines is produced by Washington’s powerhouse Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, which is best known through their Chateau Ste. Michelle label. Anew launched in 2013 with a Riesling, but quickly expanded to include a Pinot Grigio and Rosé. (source). These wines are marketed towards the female market and, in all honesty, I can see why.

Maybe it’s because my palate is accustomed a different definition of dry, but the “dry” Rosé that is marketed by Anew is not up my alley. This surprises me, as the Rosé is constructed from two of my favorite grapes for Rosé: Syrah and Sangiovese. The nose is very welcoming, greeting you with strawberries and watermelon. The palate has sweet peach and the strawberries carry through. There is a nice acidic note to the wine, but there’s a lingering sweetness that struck me in an odd manner. While I wouldn’t classify this as “off-dry”, I certainly would say it was bone dry, either.

Personally, if offered this as an option, I would seek out something else. While it would most likely be acceptable for most, it doesn’t hold a candle to what else I know is available at around this same price point ($12 MSRP). If you feel as though this is up your alley, I would recommend pairing a summer pasta primavera or a grilled, lighter fish with this. My opinion is if you were pair something heartier, like salmon, with this, it would be a battle for supremacy instead of complementing the meal.

I purchased this at my local grocery store, but you can also purchase online if you can’t find it.

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