Shifting gears

2022 was one hell of a roller coaster year. I started the year by getting a new-to-me car (yay!!). In March, my aunt passed away after a hellish battle with brain cancer (boo! F*ck cancer!). Over the summer, I got a significant raise (yay!!). Somewhere in the fall, I started working waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much. Like no less than 5 hours of overtime a week too much.

My new-to-me car the day I bought it.

Then the gut punch came. My grandma passed away on Dec. 19th. Now, she was 94 and had an amazing life…but it still hurts like hell.

My Mom (wearing the pink mask) & grandma

Somewhere in the middle of that roller coaster, I got lucky enough to try some amazing spirits through a brand ambassadorship I signed up for a complete whim. That experience alone has allowed me to push the limits on my spirits knowledge, reminded me why I LOVE the people in the beverage space so much, and made me become more creative in my own personal personal drinking habits.

These are all staples for the World HQ bar now.

I also got to try some great things through other collaborations, event invites, and just plain ol’ exploration & curiosity!

Some of my other favorites from 2022.

Wait…you said “shifting gears”…

I did say I was shifting gears. My content, while still focused on alcohol, will shift to include more lifestyle content outside of alcohol. I miss cooking and traveling, then turning around to share it with everyone. I want to share some of my other interests with ya’ll (things like makeup, reading, etc.).

I made this roasted veggie medley on Thanksgiving…it was delicious!

So…yeah…that’s where things currently stand. Keep watching this space for my next adventure.

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