RTD Cocktails: Are they worth your $$?

*Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by CW Spirits and Drink Brody’s.  This post also contains affiliate links where I receive a small commission when a product is purchased.*

Through my partnership with CW Spirits, I received some RTD’s to try from Drink Brody’s.  For the purposes of this post, I have chosen two to highlight.  But first, a little about the brand.

About Drink Brody’s

Brody’s was inspired by the founder’s first pup, Monty.  According to the owners, “Monty was the life the party and the perfect companion to life’s memorable moments.”  After some health issues, the owners lost sweet Monty.  They put their grief into action by creating a brand where they give back.  5% of sales are donated to animals and shelters in need of support.

As a kitty mom, and a former dog mom, I feel this in my soul.  Our pets are such an integrated part of our lives that it always gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that there are programs to give back to animals who need a little extra love.

Each bottle gives approximately 5 cocktails.  You can stretch these by adding in club soda or sparkling wine (if you want a little more ooomph).  When I tried them, I got about three drinks out of them, but I was also pouring on the heavier side.

Brody’s Air Mail

Brody’s Air Mail RTD

Brody’s Air Mail is a delicious, refreshing mix of rum, honey, lime, and aromatic bitters.  On the nose, I got a lot of honey and aromatic bitters.  On the palate, the aromatic bitters carried through, but I got more of the lime than the honey.

It is a refreshing, easy-to-drink cocktail that goes down very easily.  I drank mine over ice.  The next time I enjoy one of these, I think I will try it with some club soda or ginger ale.

Brody’s Classic Mai Tai

Brody’s Classic Mai Tai

Brody’s Classic Mai Tai is their take on the classic Trader Vic’s style Mai Tai…not the bastardized version that a different restaurant chain made popular.  Brody’s Classic Mai has notes of toasted almond, lime, orange, and mint.  On the nose, you get this intense hit of almond paste that leads into a minty second note.

While this is refreshing and delicious, it honestly wasn’t my favorite.

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