Rockstar Treatment in Penticton, BC – WBC13


That’s all I can say in the 24 hours since the conclusion of WBC 13 in Penticton, BC. They really rolled out the red carpet and gave us the “Rockstar Treatment” in Penticton. I mean seriously, 2 receptions where we’re greeted with a glass of sparkling wine as we walk off the bus, and both receptions held at places that had the most spectacular views of the Okanagan Valley?!?! Yeah, I’d say they were treating us like rockstars!

The wines? Amazing.

The hospitality? Amazing.

The food? Amazing.

Thank you to the following who put so much hard work into this year’s conference:

Allison Markin of All She Wrote.

Jeannette Montgomery of Okanagan Writing.

Sandra Oldfield of Tinhorn Creek Vineyards.

The entire city of Penticton, BC.

The staff of the Penticton Lakeside Resort and Casino.

And of course, the organizers of the conference, Zephyr Adventures.

Now there will be more posts and pictures to come, but I’ll tease you with this…

Vineyards overlooking Okanagan Lake from the Naramata Bench
Vineyards overlooking Okanagan Lake from the Naramata Bench

Penticton’s hashtag for anyone who travels into their beautiful city is #youarehere. Yes, Penticton. I was there. And I’m hoping to go back very, very soon.

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