Quarantine Diaries Days 3, 4, 5, and 6: Thinking Outside the Box and Stay Home!!

So days 3, 4, 5, and 6 of quarantine were spent thinking.

On Day 3, Saturday, my Mom and I went to Stoller Family Estate and picked up my wine club shipment. If you’ve ever visited Stoller, you know that the drive in is STUNNING. You also know that they’ve got a lot of buildings on their land. They have the drive thru experience down to a science. I give them credit for giving this a “trial run” of sorts during their wine club pick up parties. We also stopped and visited with friends for a minute at Carlton Cellars (and, of course, bought some wine).

I also participated in a virtual tasting honoring the spirit of Taste Washington, which was unfortunately cancelled this year due to Co-VID19.

Day 4, Sunday, was spent sleeping and laying low. Real exciting, huh?

Day 5, Monday, was interesting. It was on that day that the governors of both Washington and Oregon, issued “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” orders. While we didn’t go panic shopping, we did certainly make sure we went to our local grocery store and got some essentials. It was also that day that I found out my high school had done something awesome. They have opened up their parking lot to truckers and are offering them a hot meal, showers, and a chance to stretch their legs by walking around the track. I also found out that the day job cut my hours. Arrrrgh…

Day 6, Tuesday, was another chill day. Since the day job has some nice perks, we had a lot of the little soaps and shampoos you get when you stay in a hotel. Those were brought down to my high school and given to the volunteers there so the truckers could use them. This also led to the conversation between me and my mom about how so many places have been forced to think outside the box on their business models. I will be interested to see how, when this is all said and done, how many employers realize that a work-from-home option is viable for many positions.

Stay safe. Maintain the 6′ social distancing rule. Wash your hands, ya filthy animals!!!!!

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