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I was recently approached to review a new aeration device that’s coming to the wine market. What is aeration, you ask? Basically, it’s a way to oxidate and evaporate a wines’ volatile characteristics, thus bringing out more of the desirable flavors. There is a deeper explanation of aeration here.

If you want really want to find the true flavors of a wine, I would recommend the purchase an aeration device, such as the Vinomax Triple Aeration system. This system is easy to use, no matter which one you choose. I was provided with the Handheld Aerator with Stand and the Pourer Aerator for this post. I found both products to be well made and, in the case of the handheld, can stand up to being thrown in a bag for a quick girls weekend. They’re also easy to clean, as they’re simple to disassemble (just twist at the arrows on the aerator) and dishwasher safe.

The Pourer Aerator is simple to use. All you have to do is uncork your wine and place the pourer aerator on the bottle. Seriously. It’s that easy. And if you end up breaking the cork? Well, you can use the Pourer Aerator as a stopper, as well. I may or may not admit to knowing this from experience, but it is certainly possible.

Pourer Aerator
Pourer Aerator
Close up of the Pourer Aerator
Close up of the Pourer Aerator

The Handheld Aerator is just as simple to use as the pourer aerator. If you can hold the aerator above the glass, you can use this aerator.

Handheld Aerator in it's stand
Handheld Aerator in it’s stand

Both of these aerators are great resources and should be in any winelover’s collection of tools. At $45 for the Pourer Aerator and $50 for the Handheld Aerator, they are a little on the spendy side but are a great investment at the same time! Personally, I prefer the convenience and limited mess of the Pourer Aerator, but I also like the size and feel of the Handheld Aerator.

Disclosure: I was provided with these two aeration devices in exchange for a blog post.

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