Penticton…A Place to Stay Forever (YES PLEASE!)

So after taking two days to drive up to Penticton, we arrived. It was a lovely adventure and I still had more to come with the conference!!

The conference was in and of itself was fantastic. James Conaway’s keynote speech was brilliant, poignant and funny. The wines were spectacular. The food was magnificent (save for the banquet…the lambsicles were not my cup of tea… :/ ). The scenery was breathtaking.

The biggest thing that I took away from the keynote speech this year was this:

“Write for yourself…try to write the stories as much as you can.” ~Jim Conaway

To read the reviews of the wines I tried during the speedtasting, please go to my Twitter feed (scroll to June 6-9 for the tweets). Photos are up on my Facebook page, as well.

Yes, I know, this is vastly different from last year’s posts…but I figured I’d get as much out *during* the conference as I could this year, and I did! 🙂

Next year, we invade Santa Barbara, CA. Southern California, are you ready?????????????????

Thank you to all the organizers that brought us to Penticton and introduced us to the fantastic wines BC has to offer. Now, let’s start working on some more distribution here, will ya???? Don’t be greedy! Share with your neighbors to the south! 😀

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