Wow…it’s been over a month since my last posting.  But I have a good excuse.  Really!

You know those Christmas presents you bought for your loved ones?  I was one of the bright, shining, smiling faces who rang those purchases up for you, made the store look pretty at the end of the day and was running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for merchandise (which, sometimes, I couldn’t find and if you experienced that, I’M SORRY!  Trust me when I say that us retail workers do our damnedest to find the item for you and it’s frustrating when we can’t find it…especially if our systems tell us we have the item in stock.).  So when it came down to it, making money won out over blogging.  That and fighting off illness, dealing with family obligations/drama/b.s. and just…well, taking some “me” time!

But I’m back!  And I have a resolution to blog at least twice a week in this new year!

So what’s in the plans for this year?  Nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s what I can say I’m planning:

– a road trip to Napa/Sonoma

– another trip through Washington’s Wine Country (specifics are unknown, but I have an open invitation to visit relatives in the Lake Chelan area, so…)

– a year of fabulous wine and food  (That’s a given, though.  *wink*)

As for what I’m drinking tonight…a 2008Desert Wind Winery Tempranillo that I received as part of a wine club shipment from their sister wineries Duck Pond Cellars Wine Club. Which I will post a review of later, of course!

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