Napa Trip – Day 5 – Thus Ends the Journey. :(


End of vacation already? It can’t be!!!!

We woke fairly early on Thursday to rain. The first time since we’d be in California that we got what was promised. Well, except for the adventure getting there, but does that *really* count?

We had made the decision that we had to end our trip with some sparkling, so we made our way over to the one Sparkling producer we hadn’t been to yet…Gloria Ferrer.

The patio at Gloria Ferrer

Yes, it was nasty that day. Windy…rainy…but hey, I’m from the Pacific Northwest. A little wind and rain isn’t going to scare me!

After looking around, we decided to get ourselves some glasses. Yes. Glasses. At Gloria Ferrer they only give samples by the glass. Which was fine by us, since this was our only *planned* stop. My cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Cuvee and my mom, the Blanc de Blanc. All three of us also had the Va De Vi.

The Royal Cuvee is fruity without being overly sweet. It’s got a hint of dryness to it that helps bring out the creaminess. I highly recommend this.

The Va De Vi is also fruity, but it’s on the sweeter side. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this, too…but in the long run, the Royal Cuvee won out!

Us? Lushes? Nah. Never!

We headed up towards Petaluma and Hwy. 101 (there would be no going over Mt. Shasta again) and just started heading in the general direction of home.

We got to Santa Rosa and it started. Should we make one last stop?

Why not.

So we got off at River Road and heading west towards Guerneville…more specifically, Korbel.

Korbel Winery

We looked around and made our way to the tasting bar. You get to pick 4. So I picked:

Natural – I had never seen this one in our stores, and so I was very intrigued by it. It was wonderfully crisp and tasty.

Riesling – as I said in a previous post, my best friend is a Riesling fanatic, so I had to try it for her! Very sweet, but refreshing at the same time. I ended up bringing back a bottle of this for her. 🙂

Rouge – I. love. this. A blend of Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon…so delicious. Lots of ripe, jammy berries. I brought a bottle home for myself.

NV Blanc de Noir – So beautiful. Would be a good summer sipper.

…and that’s it. The end of my trip. *sad face* The drive home brings the knowledge that the next day, I have to go back to work.

But not before I get to see a sight like this:

Northern California Coast

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