Lunch with Planeta Winery – A Journey to Sicily without the Jet Lag!

So shortly after WBC, I got an email from the rep from Palm Bay International, who is the US importer for Planeta Winery, asking if I’d like to join them for lunch at Portland’s Serratto Restaurant.

I had some use-it-or-lose-it time from work to utilize as I wished, so I said, “Sure!”

Now, I seem to have misplaced my tasting notes (*rawr* dear holidays & holiday related cleaning: YOU SUCK!), but I can tell you this…each wine was amazing.

Planeta Winery was founded in 1995, but the family that owns it, the Planeta’s, had been growing grapes and making wine since the mid 1980’s. They experimented with the different soils and different grapes, both indigenous and non-indigenous.

What resulted from their experiment was a journey through Sicily and the vast differences in the soils and growing regions.

The most memorable for me were the Carricante & Cometa:

The Carricante is a pretty, pale gold with hints of green in the glass. There’s a lovely nose of honeyed green apple with hints of white flowers and the nose carries through to the palate. SRP is $36…and is well worth it.

The Cometa is actually *not* the grape variety, but the name the winery chose to give the wine. The actual varietal is Fiano. In the glass, it looks very similar to a Chardonnay in color, with a straw-gold color. But that’s where the similarities end. The Cometa has lots of tropical fruit on the nose, that lead into citrus and peppermint, along with an herbal note. The tropical fruit carries through the palate. SRP is $43.

Images provided by the winery’s media kit that was provided at the luncheon.

Thank you to Bethany from Palm Bay International and Francesca from Planeta Winery for the lovely afternoon!!

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