Quarantine Diaries Day 1: Life in the time of…Corona???

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, Sept. 2019 (c) Alina Nemykin

…and no, not the beer.

The world is an ever changing place. Especially now.

We all know that SARS-CoVID-2 (aka CoVID-19 aka Coronavirus) is running rampant throughout the world. Which is scary. It’s placing us into an unprecedented time of unrest and the unknown.

A lot of wineries and breweries are being hit hard by the restrictions set in place for social distancing and prevention of this horrible ailment.

What can you do?


DRINK! If you’re healthy, that is. A lot of wineries are offering deals on shipping, or free drive-thru/curbside pickup service. Breweries are offering growler fills and to-go sales. Some are even offering food to-go. If you can get out and grab something, do it!!

If you can’t make it to the physical location of your favorite winery or brewery, pick up something from them when you’re out on the hunt for the elusive creature known as toilet paper.

What am I doing? Well, being that I’m on a bit of a lockdown with symptoms of corona, but can’t get tested*, my hands are tied a bit. But when I made my grocery run, I tried to make sure I had something from a local winery or brewery in my cart.

*I can’t get tested because the World HQ is on the Washington/Oregon border and the testing kits we *do* have available in the region are reserved for those being hospitalized. Which is 100% understandable…we need to take care of those who are seriously sick from this horrible virus first. I’m relatively healthy and can manage my symptoms with a combination of OTC meds and prescription meds like codeine cough syrup.

Beyond supporting your local winery or brewery, please do everything in your power to practice social distancing, good hygiene. and humane citizenship. Check to make sure your elderly neighbor and/or loved one has what they need. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water (if you need an idea of how long twenty seconds is, sing Happy Birthday twice. Or you can refer to this article from NPR. Or find videos by my current favorite internet family, The Holderness Family for their hilarious parodies (seriously…will y’all adopt a 41 year old wine geek????). When you go out, try to stay 6 feet away from others. Listen to your public health officials. They are the experts.

Also, when everything reopens, and life is back to “normal”, please make sure you’re visiting the small, local restaurants instead of places like Applebee’s and Olive Garden. Especially your local favorite Chinese joint…because you know…prejudices and whatnot.

I know that these are some seriously trying times for everyone. Because I’ve been sick for so long, I have exhausted what sick pay I had from the day job, so I feel your pain.

Resources for Coronavirus:

  • World Health Organization
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Doctor Mike – I know YouTube links aren’t the best, but Doctor Mike gives some great frontline insight to the pandemic we’re experiencing.
  • Corona Virus Resources & Tips for Parents, Children, and Others
  • If you want to escape all of the “corona talk”, here are some of my favorite YouTube channels that are talking about other things…

  • RawBeautyKristi <— if you love stunning makeup looks, you need to watch her. She’s also a fellow Washingtonian, so I gotta show some love…
  • Sweet Life of Zack & Kristi <— second channel for RawBeautyKristi, featuring homesteading and home renovations
  • Peter Reviews Stuff <—- he tries all kinds of things…and has cute dogs to boot!
  • Peter Vlogs <— same guy as Peter Reviews Stuff, but he talks about random things as he drives around on this channel.
  • Smokey Glow <—- a beauty/commentary channel that encourages people to get involved in their community & world.
  • Travels with Delaney <—- Camping/travel…and on Friday nights, they do a “Wine Down” segment on their Instagram and Facebook!
  • Jen Luvs Reviews <—- in depth beauty product reviews and news on the beauty industry.
  • Jessica Kent <— Warning: she serves up some reality about life in prison…if that’s not your thing, keep on scrollin’.
  • Rifenstine <— her alter ego, Pilof, is my spirit animal.
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