It’s that time of the year…

Yet another holiday is upon us and so I have another list that looks like this…

This year's Easter Menu

(Don’t mind my handwriting…my college education ruined my pretty, careful, readable handwriting. 😉 )

Yes, I have Crack Dip and Crack Dip II written. That is what I call the two dips I make for nearly every holiday. One is a ranch dressing mix/cream cheese/sour cream concoction and the other is a recipe I got from a winery in Zillah, WA called Paradisos Del Sol. They call it Bleu Ribbon Dip or Glop. I call it Crack Dip II…’cause it’s addicting.

What will I pair with this menu? That’s yet to be determined, but there will be at least two bottles open. If not more.

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