It’s Complicated: Naked Winery “Complicated” Viognier

Naked Winery
Naked Winery “Complicated” Viognier

So I’ll let you in on an inside joke between my cousin and I. Quite often, we end up saying, “We need to go get Naked!” or “We need to get Penetrated!”

We don’t mean it in a sexual manner, either. What it really means is that we are itchin’ to go to Naked Winery. I may face ridicule from my fellow wine writer community for that statement, but hey…I’ve never said that I’m perfect. At the end of the day, I’m a bit of a redneck. Naked Winery was one of my first winery experiences on this path of indulgence, so dammit…I need to pay homage to my past!

Naked Winery has a really cool mantra. We all know that the divorce rate in this country is ridiculous. Every day, we hear about someone divorcing their spouse. Well, Naked has basically issued a challenge…they want to reduce the divorce rate by 50% by encouraging couples to enjoy a glass of wine together every night. Simple, right? Personally, I like the idea. I often spend time on my couch after a long day and unwind with a glass of wine. Having someone join me just makes it that much better!

Now, let’s throw another curveball into it. Let’s make the labels a little risqué! With wine names like Blazing Straddle, Penetration, Foreplay, and Hook Up, you can see where this conversation is heading. They push the limits when it comes to the double entendre, including the fact that their reserve tier is called “Oh! Orgasmic”. Yep. Definitely pushing the limits, but for a good reason.

The Complicated Viognier is one of the “tamer” labels, but the wine certainly isn’t.

Layers of peach and apricot fuzz greet you at first and highlights of sweet tropical fruit evolve as the wine warms up. On the palate, a racy acidity leads to tame notes of stone fruit, gooseberry, and kiwi. All the while, hints of spice entice your tongue. A long finish makes for a satisfying experience.

All in all, this wine is worth the SRP of $24.

Disclaimer: This wine was provided to me as a media sample. All opinions are my own.

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