Well, it certainly has been a minute since I’ve graced this page.

I honestly have a good reason. From my last post up to now, my life has been full of stupid sh** like fighting the US Government (an uphill battle), working 45-50 hour weeks (sometimes more), and honestly…just figuring out where I want to take this blog, and finding my passion after going the hell that comes with being in, and leaving, an abusive relationship.

No, I didn’t divorce the amazing man I married in September of 2018. Oh hayull no. I’m still married to him, and plan to be for the rest of my life. Please refer back to the part about fighting the US Government, because he’s the reason why I’m fighting.

In 2020, I’m back and I’m better than ever. I’ve got new wineries, breweries, and distilleries to introduce you to, new food-related toys to share with you (I’m now on the Instant Pot bandwagon), and a new project to introduce y’all to.

New project, you say? Yes! A new project with my Mom. In January 2020 (and beyond), you’ll get a chance to know more about me and my Mom at our site The Everyday Girls Guide. We’re going to talk about some of the same stuff that goes on here, but on a less geeky scale.

Meaning, this site will be the “advanced class” while the other is more of the introductory class when it comes to some things (for example…wine). I say that because we’re also going to chat about other things over on the other site…like current events, beauty geek stuff, and whatever life advice we feel like throwing out at the time.

The Everyday Girls Guide isn’t a new concept for me. If you know me, I always have some crazy, cuckoo idea bouncing around in my head. It’s how I’m wired. Hi, I’m the girl who planned out a whole idea for a brewery (including food options) while incarcerated.

We shall see if the brewery idea ever comes to life because it’s honestly a fantastic concept, right down to the name of the brewery. If it doesn’t, I’ll look back on it as being a creative outlet during a rough time in my life.

So…if you’ve been around, welcome back. I still love you. If you’re new, hi! My name is Alina and you better buckle up, ’cause you’re in for a ride with me.

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