Hard work pays off…Domaine Chandon étoile Rosé

So, after a seemingly long 5½ weeks of training (really? Have I been there for nearly 6 full weeks already? Damn, time flies!!), I discovered that I had fully passed my company’s training program. Yes, I still have to survive until Friday in the training program, but the biggest hurdle was achieved in day 2 of my 6th week of training.

The final mock scenario.

See, this mock scenario is HUGE in my company. This scenario is the make-it-or-break-it scenario. Like any company, my company wants to MAKE money, even when the client wants to SAVE money. This scenario is the ultimate test of making sure that what was covered in the past 5 weeks had really sunk in and had taken effect.

But I passed! And that’s the main thing. Yes, I screwed up in a couple of places, and I freely admitted that I screwed up to the person coaching me through the process, but I PASSED. And that’s all that matters. I will struggle at times, but I have an outstanding group of professionals to help me improve along the way.

So to celebrate I decided to pop open a bottle of bubbly. I deserved it, for cryin’ out loud! I’ve worked EXTREMELY hard in the last 5½ weeks to get to this point, so I can treat myself.

Since I figured my hard work had paid off, I decided that I’d open my bottle of Domaine Chandon étoile Rosé.

And was it worth it. *nods*

From the start, there’s an aroma of raspberries with a soft hint of overripe plums, which draws you in…tantalizes you…makes you lust for more. The bubbles dance along your palate…enticing you with the tartness of raspberry, the slight sweetness of the plum and the mysterious addition of baking cocoa at the end. Yes, I specifically say baking cocoa because this isn’t the warmth and richness of what’s used to make hot cocoa. Oh no. This is more like the subtle, luxurious feel of a high-quality Dutch process baking cocoa.

The color is stunning. Think fresh-out-of-the-water salmon pink. It’s subtle and elegant, but bright at the same time.

This, my friends, is one of the most tantalizing sparkling wines I’ve ever tasted.

And yes. It is worth the $50.00 price tag on Chandon’s website.

And oh…by the way…next time you have to call to resolve a problem with a bill, be nice. Not being angry and having a positive attitude when you call in will get you a long, long way when it comes to resolving your problem. 😉

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