Fast Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Wine News

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What is this? Well, this is me finding articles that I find interesting or thought provoking.

Some interesting articles:

Wine Snobs Are Right: Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor This article came to my attention from one of my favorite Facebook pages, SciBabe. This article is quite intriguing, because it delves beyond the typical science we’ve seen.

What Happens When You Buy Wine Based On The Label? I’m guilty of it. We all are. Sometimes, you can be surprised.

Wednesday Is Best Day to Drink Wine, According to Science (snark)Like we hadn’t already figured that out…(/snark)

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  1. Stacy says: Reply

    Love it, will be learning from u

  2. anna says: Reply

    I totally buy wine based on the label. I like trying out new wines and honestly how else can you pick in the store when there are no descriptions?

  3. Fab round up! I am TOTALLY guilty of buying wine because I like the label…!

  4. I think every day is the best day to drink wine [with a glass in hand] 😉

    1. Alina says: Reply


  5. I agree with that too- I usually am guilty of buying wines based on the label… !

  6. Leslie says: Reply

    I like to buy wines with labels that catch my eye, that doesn’t mean they are always great but can be good when dressed with a little fruit.

  7. I frequently buy wine based on label! I’ve come across some interesting kinds that way!!

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