Exel Wines: Your Go-to Retailer in the UK

According to my Google Analytics, I have 14 readers in the UK. When I was approached to mention a UK seller, I thought of y’all. Just so you know.

Exel Wines is a retailer located in Perth, UK, which is about an hour north of Edinburgh. A quick perusal of their website shows me that their selection of wines is very impressive. From great Oregon Pinot Noirs to stunning French wines, Exel has what you’re looking for. In fact, I’m *jealous* that I can’t experience their service and the tastings they do!

In addition a great website, their YouTube channel has great videos on everything from tastings with their general manager to useful how-to guides for navigating their site.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend that you check out their selection!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by my my favorite Idaho wine-o, Matthew, to mention Exel Wines on this blog. Beyond gratitude, no other compensation was given.

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