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Allow me to preface this post with an apology…after a fantastic summer, from the middle of August until about now, my life has pretty much been one crazy, wild, hot mess of a ride that is worthy of being filed away in the “Fuhgeddabit” file…and I do apologize…

Sozo:  to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction.

Are you familiar with this word?  I wasn’t until I was at the The Craft Winefest in Vancouver, WA back in June. How did I become familiar with the word? Well, I happened to stumble upon a winery with that very name.

Their mission? To provide basic needs to those who are most vulnerable. Yes. Provide food, water and safety to those who need it most. Not only to third world countries, where most assistance goes, but to those in our backyard who are currently struggling.

Which is awesome, if you ask me. When I was a youth ministry volunteer, my church was one of the founding churches for a mission week called “Backyard Ministries”, where youth served those in need of help in their own backyards. So needless to say, the mission of Sozo Wines really hit a chord with me.

What about the wines, you ask? Well, they’re nothing short of amazing. The grapes are sourced from various areas throughout Washington’s Columbia Valley and are meticulously blended (for the reds, at least) until the perfect balance is achieved.

Sozo’s wine names tell you just how passionate they are to their cause. Abundant. Bountiful. Charity. Compassion. Contribute. Generosity. Humanity. Potential.

My personal favorite is the Compassion Chardonnay. It’s crisp, clean with hints of oak, apple and tropical fruits. It’s a wine that deserves to be shared amongst friends. And with each bottle supporting anywhere from 5-40 people who lack basic needs? Yeah. I’m there. Especially if I can change lives in my own backyard.

The Sozo Wines Red Lineup

Now, there’s something really cool when you sign up for their wine club…not only do you get a bottle of wine, but you can also get a 5 oz bag of coffee and some chocolates. Coffee? Chocolate? Yeahhhh…I’m pretty sure my personal trainer will kick my ass even more than he already does if he finds out that I have a hidden stash of chocolate. Heehee.

Sozo Friends Wine Club Starter Pack

I recommend every single Sozo wine that I’ve tried (the Compassion Chardonnay, Charity Red Wine, Contribute Cabernet Sauvignon and Bountiful Red Wine). So please, run, don’t walk, for these wines if you see them in the shop or restaurant you happen to be patronizing. Do it. Seriously. You’ll get the warm fuzzies. 🙂

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