Samples Policy

I am always willing to accept samples! Please contact me at to discuss sending samples for review. All reviews will be explained, justified & respectful. Please note, reviews may be delayed due to time restraints. If a sample is time-dependent, please let me know and that time dependence will be respected to the best of my ability.

In addition to wine, the following will also be accepted for review:

  • beer
  • cider
  • spirits
  • food products
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • gadgets
  • books

If you would like to have me visit an area, winery, event, or facility, please contact me to discuss. 

My review will be available for you to use on your website if you so choose (with the condition that appropriate credit is given), but it will also be published via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for others to read. If received as a sample, a disclosure will be made saying so per FTC guidelines. Please note that I exercise the right to choose to promote products strictly via social media channels instead of a feature post on this site.

If you’d like for me to review a product, please email me at alina(at) for shipping details.