‘Cause I can’t live on wine alone…

I know…I know…this is a wine blog, but honestly, I can’t live on just wine alone.

Every once in awhile (okay, QUITE often), I need something a teensy bit stronger.

Enter in my friend, vodka. Over the years, I’ve drank vodka from many producers. In fact, my liquor “cabinet” right now reads like a who’s who of major vodka producers. Stoli (okay, so the Stoli is in shooter bottles, but still…I got enough of ’em), Skyy, Smirnoff…hell, I’ve even got a shooter bottle of Grey Goose…but the most predominant one in my liquor “cabinet” is Pinnacle. I say “cabinet” because…well…look for yourself. LOL

Part 1 of my liquor "cabinet"...yeah, I know...there's a lot of other shit in there too.
Part 2 of my liquor "cabinet"...and more shit in it as well...but if you guess what's in the bins, you get a cookie (hint: they're both must-haves when making cookies!)

Specifically, Pinnacle Cherry Lemonade Vodka.

Meet my other vice...cherry lemonade vodka.

This is my go-to vodka for good reason. It’s affordable. And it’s good either on it’s own or mixed with something. But let’s have a show of hands…if you’re drinking vodka, are you *really* drinking it straight? If I’m drinking vodka, I’m not drinking it straight. I’m mixing it with something. Namely a citrus juice of some sort. Whether it’s citrus vodka and orange juice, my best friend & I’s “special” OJ (a.k.a. screwdriver with a twist) or my new favorite concoction that my best friend & I came up with one night…Simply Lemonade with Raspberry and Cherry Lemonade Vodka.

If you see me come into a party with this, there's a good chance I've got some Cherry Lemonade Vodka as well.

So you’re probably wondering…how does this stuff taste?

Drinking it straight (okay, so I have a bit of ice to help chill it), it tastes like cherries that have been macerated in lemonade. You get that hint of lemon acidity at the very, very end. Cherries throughout. Buuuut, if you let it linger too long, or you’re drinking it warm, without ice, be warned. There is a bit of a burn to it…it is vodka after all!!

Mixed with something? One word…heaven!! 🙂 Like I said, if you see me with a bottle of the Simply Lemonade with Raspberry, you can almost always guarantee that I’ve got a bottle of Cherry Lemonade Vodka to go along with it.

Not a fan of Cherry Lemonade? Have no fear! Pinnacle makes 27 other flavors as well, including Cotton Candy, Blueberry and Whipped Cream (oh…did I mention that I also have those three flavors, in addition to Cherry Lemonade…yeah, I’m a bit of a Pinnacle Vodka whore…lol).

So if you’re looking for good, won’t-break-the-bank-but-tastes-like-you-did vodka, give Pinnacle a spin. You won’t be disappointed!!

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