• Oregon
  • Treated like Kings…err…well, actually Queens… – A Visit to King Estate Winery

    So after indulging us at the Wine Bloggers Conference with a delicious meal, King Estate provided us with the opportunity to come visit. I took them up on their offer and convinced my Mom, my good friend Sharon and my grandmother to come along on the 2.5 hour drive to Eugene to visit the beautiful […]

  • California
  • WBC Day 2, part 2 – Speed Dating Part II

    Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m waaaaaaaaaay behind on this. Between craziness at work (helllloooo mandatory overtime…and no, I don’t work in retail!!), being sick for god only knows how long (the bug overstayed it’s welcome) and in light of the events in recent weeks (if you’re not familiar with what’s happened, google “Clackamas mall shooting” […]

  • WBC12
  • WBC 12 Day 3 Saturday – Ugh, Saturday school? Really?! – Part I

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We had Saturday School at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Kinda. There were two educational sessions were held on Saturday morning. Yeeesh. Seriously? After a night of too much wine, food and fun, they were honestly expecting us to be up and at ’em, all bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9 […]

  • In My Backyard
  • WBC12 – Day 1 – Just another Thursday in the life of a blogger…

    So the Thursday before WBC 12 was pretty low-key for me. Lunch at Mother’s Bistro with the lovely ladies behind Virtual Wine Bar and Crushworthy Wines. A tasting of Two Shepherds Vineyards offerings. An opening reception from the Oregon Wine Board. Ya know, just a normal Thursday for a wine blogger. 😉 The highlight of […]

  • In My Backyard
  • Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 – One awesome weekend party…

    Conference?  Party?  Same phrase?  What? Oh yes.  The 5th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference (a.k.a Wine Bloggers Take Over Portland) is over and done with.  *sad panda*  But there were many lessons to be learned…new friends to make…run-ins with the law (check Tasting Room Confidential for that story, as I wasn’t on that bus, but did […]

  • Clark County
  • What To Do If You’re Coming To the Wine Bloggers Conference — A Local’s Guide

    So this blog idea has been bouncing around in my head for…well, weeks.  But when your life becomes consumed by work (hi 41*-60 hour work weeks, haven’t seen ya in a while…now I remember why I loathe you so), things get shoved to the back burner. *I’m full time at my real-life job, so 41 […]