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  • Thirsty Thursday: Cocktail Hour

    Cocktails. The one thing that can elevate a bar or party from “meh” to great. The current craft distillation boom has led to a renaissance for the cocktail. A recent article in the Huffington Post has also championed for the return of in-home cocktail parties. This renaissance also means that there are some great options […]

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  • The Journey to Penticton…

    Planing and packing for a road trip is never easy. We all know that. But in my household, we never seem to leave a stone unturned. Paper plates? Check. Clothes? Check. Cups? Check. Makeup? Check. Plastic cutlery/forks/spoons? Check. Snacks & beverages in the cooler? Check. Coffeemaker? Check. (Yes, I said coffeemaker. We have a single-cup […]