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  • WBC12 – Day 1 – Just another Thursday in the life of a blogger…

    So the Thursday before WBC 12 was pretty low-key for me. Lunch at Mother’s Bistro with the lovely ladies behind Virtual Wine Bar and Crushworthy Wines. A tasting of Two Shepherds Vineyards offerings. An opening reception from the Oregon Wine Board. Ya know, just a normal Thursday for a wine blogger. 😉 The highlight of […]

  • In My Backyard
  • Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 – One awesome weekend party…

    Conference?  Party?  Same phrase?  What? Oh yes.  The 5th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference (a.k.a Wine Bloggers Take Over Portland) is over and done with.  *sad panda*  But there were many lessons to be learned…new friends to make…run-ins with the law (check Tasting Room Confidential for that story, as I wasn’t on that bus, but did […]

  • Clark County
  • What To Do If You’re Coming To the Wine Bloggers Conference — A Local’s Guide

    So this blog idea has been bouncing around in my head for…well, weeks.  But when your life becomes consumed by work (hi 41*-60 hour work weeks, haven’t seen ya in a while…now I remember why I loathe you so), things get shoved to the back burner. *I’m full time at my real-life job, so 41 […]

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  • It’s *that* time of year again…

    The air is nippy…houses are brightly adorned with twinkling lights…people are driving with trees on their roofs…local stores are packed…the little ones are really making sure they’ve been good… Yep…it must be the holidays. Which means it’s also time for holiday parties, gift exchanges and those “oh shit!” last minute gifts.  Or the predicament I […]

  • Clark County
  • Clark County, WA – Washington’s Unknown Wine Region

    Columbia Valley. Yakima Valley. Walla Walla. When you think Washington Wine, you obviously think of those areas…and for good reason. Some of the best wine comes from those areas. What if I said “Clark County”? No. Not the one in Nevada that has a famous city where what happens there stays there. What about “Vancouver”. […]