• Taking Cues from Wine Writers: A Perspective From One Who Was At #IFBC15

    In her keynote at IFBC, Kim Severson advised: How do you translate taste into words? @kimseverson says I never say yummy. It's challenging. Take a note from wine writers. #IFBC — Lorraine Goldberg (@voraciousgirl) September 19, 2015 And it does hold true. While there is sometimes no other description for a delicacy other than “yummy”, […]

  • Writer or blogger?
  • Are we writers or bloggers? My take…WHO CARES!

    In the days leading up to and after the Wine Bloggers Conference in Penticton, there has been some…*ahem*…lively discussion amongst the ranks as to whether or not those of who write about wine are bloggers or writers, and if we’re professional about it or amateurs. My take? ***CAUTION…THIS IS UNFILTERED AND WILL INCLUDE OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE*** […]