Another year is upon us…

Okay, so we’re already a month in…sue me.

So this year rolled on in like usual…me sitting at home on NYE & Ryan Seacrest and the gang at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

I know, I know…I could be out having fun, doing whatever my heart desires on NYE, but honestly…I would rather stay home than risk life and limb (’cause Lord knows, I’m a klutz) going out.

So what is in the cards for 2012?  Of course there will be more adventures in wine, but the most exciting thing????

The bloggers are coming!  The bloggers are coming!!

Yep.  The annual Wine Bloggers Conference is coming to my backyard. Not my *personal* backyard, but you get my point. It’s coming to Portland this year. Which might as well be in my backyard…

And damn right I’m excited about it.

Another thing I need to focus on this year…and this is merely a personal thing…but it’s getting my palate back. When I started this blog, I was starting to be able to detect the nuances, but lately…not so much. It’s an entirely personal thing that was completely overshadowed by stress that stemmed from events in my personal life…and those pesky damn allergies I have!!!

So stay tuned. I’m bound and determined to make this year absolutely amazing…

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