The Cast of Characters

There is more to this site than just me.  Here are just a few of the characters that play a role in my life.  Every so often, they may make an appearance in a post.

Mom/Mama/Mommy/Lifegiver:  Angie

Doesn’t her nickname say it all?  She’s my MAMA!  She is my go to when it comes to all things Bordeaux.

Grandma:  Theresa

My fiercest defender.  The one person I love more than my Mom.  My guidance.  My inspiration.

My Favorite Bitch: Melissa

I love this woman.  A powerhouse single mama with an interesting story.  We have commiserated over certain not-so-much-fun places.  If I’m with her, I can guarantee it’s a minimum three bottle night.  Or we just pull out the vodka and let it all go to hell.

The St. Louis Best Friend:  Mandy

Mandy lives in the St. Louis area, but would drop everything to come to Washington state. I am often her “supplier” for good wines.  The story of how her wedding anniversary came about is the best.