Alina Nemykin (previously Ferguson) is a third generation Clark County, WA resident and the “Chief Wine Dork” of One Girl, One Glass, One World. Known for her down-to-earth approach to wine, she has featured wines from areas around the world without coming off as pretentious or snobbish. Her travels have taken her to many notable wine regions in the United States, but SW Washington’s growing wine country will always be home.

Alina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with emphases in Biological, Developmental and Social Psychology and a minor in Business Administration from Washington State University. She is a proponent of continuing education and has taken additional coursework in Marketing and Advertising, Counseling, Criminal Justice and Hospitality Business Management at Portland State University and Washington State University Vancouver to supplement her degree.  She works full-time at a major hotel chain and has some stories to share about life at an airport hotel.

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