A Treat for A Girl’s Day: Jacob Williams Sadie Red

Girl’s Day Out.

What more can I say. For us ladies, days with our girlfriends are usually full of giggles, silliness, food and, of course, wine (or other alcoholic beverages)!

While on a Girl’s Day with a friend who I hadn’t seen in…well…honestly, forever, we went up the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and into the Columbia Gorge AVA. This is the new hotbed for up-and-coming wines…for good reason. Within 40 miles, a wide variety of grapes can be grown. Cooler varietals such as Pinot Noir and Riesling thrive in the cooler, marine climate of the western half, while warmer varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel flourish in the warmer, desert climate of the eastern half.

One of my favorite wineries in the Columbia River Gorge is Jacob Williams Winery. Founded in 2007 by the Gearhart family, Jacob Williams started with a small, temporary facility in Hood River and a tasting room in the town of Lyle, WA. As they expanded their production, it was decided that they would start looking for a place that would fit their current and long-term needs. They found a spot in the town of Wishram, near Avery Park, and consolidated their facilities to one location. This location is nestled along the banks of the Columbia River, so relaxing here isn’t an issue.

The view of the Columbia River from Jacob Williams' Tasting Room
The view of the Columbia River from Jacob Williams’ Tasting Room
Jacob Williams Winery Tasting Room
Jacob Williams Winery Tasting Room

One of my all-time favorite wines from Jacob Williams’ collection is their Sadie Red. This non-vintage red blend pays homage to the winery dog, Sadie. It also proves time and time again to be a great value.

Sadie Red
Sadie Red

The Sadie Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. The nose greets you with dark fruits and spice, while the palate shows off flavors of cranberry, dark fruits and hints of an aromatic floral note. There is a nice finish and mouthfeel with the Sadie Red as well. I would personally pair this with BBQ fare. At only $20, this is also a great way to introduce people to the world of Washington red blends.

Disclaimer: Wine was provided as a sample by the winery and my tasting fees were waived that day in exchange for a blog post.

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