2011 Milbrandt Traditions Rose… #wbw80

You’ve had a long day. A very long day. In fact, you’ve had one of those days where you tell your supervisor “I just want to go home and drink wine straight out of the bottle,” when they come to help you with something.  (FYI:  Mine happened to chuckle when I said this because he was having the same kind of day…lol).

Yup. That’s how *this* blogger’s day at work was like. But, I knew that today was Wine Blogging Wednesday (AKA WBW) and I had some delicious, crisp rosé’s waiting for me in my fridge. 🙂

Out of the rosé’s I had placed in my fridge last night, I picked one for the ease of convenience. Meaning, I picked the one with the screwcap! After a rough day at the office, who wants to fight with a freakin’ corkscrew?!?

2011 Milbrandt Traditions Rosé
2011 Milbrandt Traditions Rosé

Milbrandt Vineyards is located in Prosser, WA. Farming is something that comes naturally to the Milbrandt family. So, one day in 1997, brothers Butch and Jerry decided that they were going to start growing grapes in what is now known as the Wahluke Slope AVA.  They started as growers, selling to some of the most well-known wineries in Washington and then, in 2005, the decision was made to start their own winery, which fully came to fruition in 2007.

I was first introduced to Milbrandt during the speed tasting at WBC 12 in Portland. Their Malbec knocked my socks off. And quality Washington wines that sell for less than, for the most part, $25 from their Estate Series and the Traditions series being less than $17?!?! I’m there!!

The 2011 Rosé is a lovely blend of Syrah, Grenache and Viognier. On the nose, there’s notes of strawberries, raspberries and tart cherries. These notes carry through to the palate, and the Viognier helps give it that hint of sweetness.

This wine is a perfect pairing for most any food. I personally paired it with pot roast and it was a lovely pairing. The tasting notes from Milbrandt’s website suggest the tart pairing that’s included on the back tear-off label.

Whoever invented these tear-off back labels is a GENIUS!!
Whoever invented these tear-off back labels is a GENIUS!!

I can’t wait to find the 2012 in the stores, personally, as I find this to be one of those wines that will consistently be a go-to.  Annnnnd, the 2012 vintage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot and Malbec.  So it’ll be a completely different profile than the 2011!  🙂

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