The Cast of Characters

There is more to this site than just me.  Here are just a few of the characters that play a role in my life.  Every so often, they may make an appearance in a post.

Mom/Mama/Mommy/Lifegiver:  Angie

Doesn’t her nickname say it all?  She’s my MAMA!  She is my go to when it comes to all things Bordeaux.

Grandma:  Theresa

My fiercest defender.  The one person I love more than my Mom.  My guidance.  My inspiration. 

The Little Brother:  BJ

BJ is my “little brother from another mother” and I’m his “big sister from another mister”.  Screw with him, you gotta deal with the bitchy big sis who will chew you up and spit you out.  Screw with me, you gotta deal with my asshole li’l bro who will make you regret living.  That’s just how we roll.   

The Kentucky Best Friend: Shannon

I love this woman.  I call her “Kentucky Shannon” in conversation because a) that’s where she’s from and b) I know too many Shannon’s!!  If I’m ever stumped on a pairing, she is the first person I reach out to.  Why wouldn’t I?  She’s a CIA-trained chef who has a whole list of amazing accomplishments that go beyond her culinary training.  We often complain about how her state can send their bourbon all over the world, yet I can’t send her wine without an act of Congress.

The St. Louis Best Friend:  Mandy

Mandy lives in the St. Louis area, but would drop everything to come to Washington state. I am often her “supplier” for good wines. I also provide her with empty bottles for her wine bottle candle business, Grapes of Wax.

The Author:  …sorry, their identity is a secret…
 The Author is a longtime friend, published author, and confidant.  This person is someone who I trust when life is pulling me in a million different directions.  Quite often, The Author ends up smacking my crazy ass back into reality.  A thank you never suffices for what this person does for me.  However, I can usually make it up with a nice Bordeaux.

The Troublemaker: …yet another secret identity…
Ah…The Troublemaker. The one who makes me want to pull my hair out. Yet, there are days where this person can make me laugh like a hyena. Love them, hate ’em…either way, they’re in my life to stay.