The Cast of Characters

There is more to this site than just me.  Here are just a few of the characters that play a role in my life.  Every so often, they may make an appearance in a post.

Mom/Mama/Mommy/Lifegiver:  Angie

Doesn’t her nickname say it all?  She’s my MAMA!  She is my go to when it comes to all things Bordeaux.

Grandma:  Theresa

My fiercest defender.  The one person I love more than my Mom.  My guidance.  My inspiration. 

The Kentucky Best Friend: Shannon

I love this woman.  I call her “Kentucky Shannon” in conversation because a) that’s where she’s from and b) I know too many Shannon’s!!  If I’m ever stumped on a pairing, she is the first person I reach out to.  Why wouldn’t I?  She’s a CIA-trained chef who has a whole list of amazing accomplishments that go beyond her culinary training.  We often complain about how her state can send their bourbon all over the world, yet I can’t send her wine without an act of Congress.

The St. Louis Best Friend:  Mandy

Mandy lives in the St. Louis area, but would drop everything to come to Washington state. I am often her “supplier” for good wines. I also provide her with empty bottles for her wine bottle candle business, Grapes of Wax.

Russian James Bond: Nameless

Russian James Bond (aka RJB) is my husband. He is, without a doubt my rock, my sunshine, my strength, my sanity.