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  • Thirsty Thursday: Cocktail Hour

    Cocktails. The one thing that can elevate a bar or party from “meh” to great. The current craft distillation boom has led to a renaissance for the cocktail. A recent article in the Huffington Post has also championed for the return of in-home cocktail parties. This renaissance also means that there are some great options […]

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  • It’s almost that time!!

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen…the wait is finally over. On Thursday morning, I will be leaving the World HQ via PDX and heading down to California for the 7th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference. Here are the social media hashtags and accounts that I’m going to recommend you follow: Hashtags: #wbc14 #sbcwine I’m sure that more will […]

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  • The Journey to Penticton…

    Planing and packing for a road trip is never easy. We all know that. But in my household, we never seem to leave a stone unturned. Paper plates? Check. Clothes? Check. Cups? Check. Makeup? Check. Plastic cutlery/forks/spoons? Check. Snacks & beverages in the cooler? Check. Coffeemaker? Check. (Yes, I said coffeemaker. We have a single-cup […]